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Every Foot Counts

At Hero Fence our Mission is to build quality fences with meaning.  

For every foot we built, we donate $1.00 to Home with Heroes - a local non-profit committed to giving back to Veterans with unforgettable outdoor experiences. Call or click below for a Free Fence estimate. 

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My Grandpa struggled in school - often fumbling his words - but he made up for it with hard work and dedication. When the great depression hit, he sold worms by roadside to make ends meet.

At 18, with the country in the midst of WWII, he joined the Navy. Here he received training as a dental lab technician. He loved working with his hands & helping people.

When the war ended he was able to pinch together enough money to start a dental lab and grow it into something quite successful. He raised three sons - a doctor, a lawyer, and a pastor.

As he neared retirement age he sold his practice and moved to the northwest to be closer to his grandchildren. He started making trips to Mexico donating his time giving free dental care to children.

Him and I had a special connection. We spent a lot of time together building and fixing stuff. He taught me the importance of hard work and that "Honesty was always the best Policy".

Not long after his 50th wedding anniversary he was diagnosed with ALS and quickly deteriorated. It was the biggest loss of my life. At the funeral people lined up to tell stories of the way he had

touched their lives.

I am who I am because of him. The hard work, sacrifices, and lessons he taught are what I hope to pass on to my children.

He will forever be my Hero.

Daniel Elzinga

Hero Fence

Owner/Fence Builder

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Hero Fence is a rapidly growing fencing company here in the Pacific Northwest. We service homes and businesses in Washington including Vancouver, Ridgefield, Woodland, Battleground, Longview, Camas, and Washougal. We have more than 25 years combined experience in residential and commercial fencing. We are driven by our purpose to support support and give back to our community. 

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Click on map to read our 5 star reviews!

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